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wow cheats

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wordsofwonders games/src/img/logo-en jpg

Words Of Wonders is a game that will help you increase your vocabulary and improve your intelligence Guess the words from the pictures This game will expand your horizons

This application was created with the aim of increasing the player's erudition, expanding the area of ​​knowledge In our game, you don't need to strain too much Just look at the pictures and remember the word that summarizes them The game has several modes Crossword mode - to this mode you will read the task and write the word Geography mode in which you will need to guess the city And the puzzle mode where you need to assemble a picture from scattered pieces at first, the game will seem easy to you, but do not flatter yourself It is only at first glance that it is light As your personal level rises, the difficulty of the game will increase The game has interesting and modern graphics, modern visual effects and very simple controls And also you can set difficulty levels play our game absolutely free The game has an internal currency for which you can buy hints

//= wordsofwonders site wow cheats
//= wordsofwonders site
wow cheats
wordsofwonders site
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