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US and World news - 31-08-21

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По умолчанию US and World news - 31-08-21

The last American soldier left Afghanistan This was stated at a briefing at the Pentagon by the head of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces (USCENTCOM), whose area of responsibility includes the Middle East, General Kenneth Mackenzie, reports TASS

The military commander added that the acting ambassador to Afghanistan, Ross Wilson, left the country on the last evacuation flight At the same time, according to him, despite the completion of the evacuation, Washington will continue to try to take out the remaining compatriots in the country At the same time, the American aviation regulator issued a statement according to which Hamid Karzai International Airport is not under anyone's control It turned out that the air harbor was completely under the control of the radical Taliban movement (banned in Russia)

"They were very helpful and ready to help when we completed our actions They helped us in ensuring the security of the airport, it was not ideal, but they tried very hard, " he said "The help from the radical movement was significant " At the same time, McKenzie noted that he could not say what further coordination between the Taliban and the United States would be

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