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Drug and alcohol abuse is an equal opportunity condition The abuse of drugs manifests several associated social problems across ages, cultures, gender, religions and races Despite the thread of drug abuse being traceable throughout the humankind history, initiatives towards the identification of the main causes seems to continue eluding the wide scientific community Substance abuse is associated to various social challenges, such as, though not limited to, domestic violence, chronic illness, crime, homelessness, child abuse, mental health and aging Individuals abuse substances, such as alcohol and tobacco, for their own complicated and different reasons, which are not often clear However, it is clear that the price drug abusers pay is considerable and exerts pain and suffering that is extremely difficult to quantify Community agencies, emergency departments, primary care physicians and hospitals are overwhelmed with the social problems caused by substance abuse In this regard, this paper discusses the treatment, and impact of substance abuse Read more:bluerevolutioncrowdfunding crowdfundhq com/blog/substance-use?q bluerevolutioncrowdfunding crowdfundhq com/blog/substance-use?q
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