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US news - 31/08/2021

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По умолчанию US news - 31/08/2021

For almost 20 years of presence in Afghanistan, the United States has lost more than two thousand people This was stated by the representative of the Pentagon, the head of the Central Command of the US Armed Forces (USCENTCOM), General Kenneth McKenzie, the broadcast of the speech was conducted by the C-SPAN TV channel

The general stressed that this was not an "easy mission" According to him, during this period, 2,461 American military and civilians were killed in Afghanistan More than 20 thousand US citizens were injured, he added

Earlier, McKenzie said that the United States had completed an operation to evacuate people from Afghanistan The US military department summarized that the US military has left the Islamic Republic "With the withdrawal of troops, a twenty-year mission ends," the military commander said He added that the acting ambassador to Afghanistan, Ross Wilson, left the country on the last evacuation flight

On August 15, the Taliban militants (banned in Russia) entered Kabul and declared full control over the territory of Afghanistan They also announced that they will soon proclaim the creation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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