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World news - 31-08-21

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For several days now, the world has been following what is happening in Afghanistan This truly historic event, which seemed inevitable, still became a "black swan" for many — many were waiting for a tragedy, but could not imagine that it would happen so soon Now the world has to realize how to interact with the new reality: some countries have already spoken about the possibility of cooperation with the new government in the person of the Taliban (the movement is banned in Russia), someone has taken a wait-and-see attitude Everyone is watching how yesterday's terrorists will behave Those, surprisingly, try to show themselves from the best side However, they do not completely hide their essence Whether anyone will believe in the new image of the Taliban-<url> understood

In December 2001, two months after the US military entered Afghanistan, George W Bush took to the podium of the National Museum of Women's Art in Washington and solemnly announced to the audience that the United States was about to win a decisive victory over the Taliban

However, after almost 20 years, the" end " of the Taliban has not come Moreover, in recent years, Washington has been negotiating with the group, which it accused of human rights violations back in 2001, and in February 2020 concluded a deal on the withdrawal of American troops The agreement was a colossal diplomatic victory for the Taliban and an important step towards legitimization at the international level

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